First Post: Our Newest Sculpt, Tropic Thunder


I don’t read the script. Script reads me.

Okay believe it or not this sculpt started out as something completely different. However after a few hours of just sort of playing with the clay, the result was pretty bad. Historically bad. I’m talking embarrassing for an amateur sculptor like myself type of bad. So I just set the clay down and more or less left it on my desk for a few days while I went about other business. I didn’t come back to it for a hot second, but when I did, sat down with a cup of coffee and my secret folder of concept art and took another crack at it. I usually have a bunch of ideas or photos of what I would like to sculpt when I get started but it is never really quite that straightforward. Anyway, I literally flipped the sculpt upside down and turned the chin into the would-be helmet of the new design.  Six hours and about as many cups of coffee later I was absolutely wired, excited about the direction the sculpt had taken. It took me a while to finally refine it, but honestly, the fur was the easiest and went on last. TT is honestly my favorite design to date and really came about because I slept on a bad sculpt a couple days. I guess that demonstrates the importance of taking a break to rethink your strategy every once in a while? Who knows though, I sure don’t.

Thanks for reading my rant. Hope you get a chance to pick up Tropic Thunder, our warmongering primate. Coming soon.


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