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VAULT Series I


KeyLabs Vault Series I

Collectible, mystery keycap.

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What is This?

VAULT is an alternative to the standard artisan keycap raffle, where we showcase our work with a unique variety of aesthetics. If you can never quite seem to win raffles, try this out.

VAULT is a re-imagination of the “old-inventory mystery box”, and introduces a seasonal collection of artisan keycaps selectively cast for this first series. While VAULT is in stock, you always get a keycap, but the quantity available for each colorway varies.

We take pride in ensuring each colorway is fresh and unique in its own way, catering to an wide array of different styles and keyboard builds.


VAULT Series I Rarity Chart

Tier 1 (5% each)

Behemoth “Pollock”

Tier 2 (7.5% each)

Corvus “Supernova”
Corvus “Wizard”

Tier 3 (10% each)

Behemoth “Vortex Blue”
Behemoth “Vortex Red”
Behemoth “Superman”

Tier 4 (12.5% each)

Behemoth “Urban”
Behemoth “Vortex”
Corvus “Glow”
Corvus “Toxic”

Additional information

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