CRUCIBLE Updates – March 2021

Hey all, hope you’re having a wonderful 2021 so far! Just wanted to give a quick update on the timelines for some of our CRUCIBLE launches.


CRUCIBLE Hammerhead production is in the final stages, and waves of packages will be sent out starting this week. Super excited to finally get these out and in your hands! Definitely stop by the Discord and show off photos of your caps once they arrive!

Rainbow Chrome

We originally expected these to ship out by March 24th (roughly 6 weeks after the group buy period), but unfortunately due to some unforeseen delays with production we are adjusting the timeline slightly.

The new estimate for shipping will be around ~March 31st – April 7th for all batches of caps. I want to offer an apology for the delay with these, we are doing our best to ensure the quality of the final product and hope the wait will be well worth it.

If anything further changes with the above schedules you can expect to find updates here, or in our Discord.

Much love,

KeyLabs team <3

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