CRUCIBLE Blackout Fulfillment Update

Update 12/9: We have confirmed our timeline to receive the final batch of caps this week, and are currently on track to ship everything out mid next week, around 12/16.

Thank you everyone for your continued patience, we hope the wait will be worth it!

Hey everyone, I hope you’re having a wonderful November! We’re working hard to deliver the CRUCIBLE Blackout caps from our first standalone metal artisan group buy, but due to some unforeseen delays related to COVID-19 in manufacturing and shipping we unfortunately have to push back the shipping date.

We expect to wrap up everything here in early December, and are targeting a ship date of ~Dec 11th. Everything will be shipped through USPS Priority Mail so you all can get your hands on these caps as soon as possible!

Thanks for bearing with us through this process, hopefully things start to settle down over the coming months – we’ve got a lot of new CRUCIBLE projects in the works!

Much love from the KeyLabs team ❤️

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