Corvus Blue Jay Fulfillment Update

Update as of 11/4: Caps are now ready for shipment. Unfortunately, PayPal has put a limit on our account and we’re unable to generate shipping labels currently. After speaking with PayPal the limit should be getting removed in the next 24 hours, so caps should hopefully be out by the weekend.

Thank you for your patience 🙂

Update as of 11/1: We’ve managed to get a temporary solution and get the Blue Jay ID cards printed – these will now be shipping out mid week this week.

Update as of 10/28: Due to an issue with our ID card printer the Corvus Blue Jays will not be shipped by the original estimated date of 10/29.

We anticipate a fix early next week – a subsequent update will go out when the caps are shipped.

We’re sorry about the inconvenience, and will do everything we can to get these to their new homes promptly!

For real time updates feel free to drop by our Discord server.

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