A rotating inventory of items that are always in stock. We make more than just caps, check out our deskpads, mugs, and stickers that you can use to spice up your desk setup.


Our signature line of artisan keycaps. These are offered in limited form raffle sales, where only a handful of keycaps are up for grabs.


Premium metal keycaps milled from aluminum and brass - anodized in a variety of colors. Featuring enamel and resin infills of cutout designs. Designed in house.


A GMK keyset designed in house, featuring multiple kits and artisans inspired by sharks and nautical things. Ran during July 2020 and scheduled to be delivered in the spring of 2021.

Wait, what?

Mechanical keyboards let you swap out the individual keycaps on your board, giving rise to an unprecedented level of customization when it comes to your desk. Thus, the artisan keycap was born.

Our artisan keycaps are hand crafted, first sculpted in clay, then cast in resin. They come in a variety of shapes and colors so you can customize your board how you want. As long as you have a keyboard with Cherry MX or compatible switches, you can use our caps!

Where should I start?

If you have a mechanical keyboard already, awesome! Feel free to browse our store and see if there's anything you like - in addition to keycaps we also sell mugs and other cool keyboard accessories.

If you don't have a compatible keyboard (or aren't sure), don't fret, we have some resources for you. Check out this introduction to mechanical keyboards on Drop (a place to buy keyboards and keycaps), and then peruse the posts on the Mechanical Keyboard subreddit.


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